Peter opened his eyes in the dark room lit only by the dawn. He noticed John sitting on the edge of his bed. “Hey, what are you thinking about?”

John kept staring ahead. “I’m fighting the urge to try to see where Jesus is praying at. I still can’t believe He’s dead.”

Peter sat up. “Yeah, I was hoping I’d wake up and find Him here somewhere.”

A pounding on the door startled all the men awake. “Peter… He’s gone. They’ve taken His body.”

Peter sprang to his feet and opened the door. “Mary, what are you talking about? Who’s gone?”

Mary Magdalene leaned against the door post breathing heavily. “I was just at the tomb. Jesus is gone…I don’t know where they’ve taken Him.”

John came up behind Peter. “Are you sure you went to the right tomb?”

Mary stared at him. “I tell you He’s gone. He isn’t there!”

Peter put a hand on her shoulder. “Which tomb is it?”

Mary pointed to her right. Peter took off running.

John shot out the door. “I know which one it is. I saw them put Him there.”

John ran next to Peter a few steps before leaving the older disciple behind. As he approached the tomb his fears were realized when he saw the stone rolled away from the entrance. His Jewish upbringing stopped him at the opening of the tomb, coming in contact with a corpse was a major defilement.

The sun’s early rays were streaming into the tomb as John surveyed the scene. The linen wrappings were as if a body had been there once, but they were now hollowed out–empty. Peter brushed past him and went straight into the tomb.

John slowly walked in behind him and fully took in the evidence. The head wrappings were folded up where the head should have been. “He’s alive, Peter. He tried to tell us, but it was too unbelievable. He’s alive!”

After a few silent minutes Peter pushed John toward the exit. They came upon a smiling elderly couple walking in the cemetery.

The old man put a hand on Peter’s shoulder. “Have you seen Jesus?”

Peter looked in the man’s eyes. “Who are you?”

The man stepped back. “I’m Simeon. And this is Anna. We were in the temple when Jesus was consecrated. We’ve been given a chance to see Him as a man. But, we haven’t seen Him, yet. Have you?”

Peter looked at John. John looked at the man and shook his head. “No, but I’m sure He’s here somewhere.”

The couple nodded as they walked off.


Talk about the epitome of bewilderment. Peter and John didn’t have time to shake the early morning cobwebs out of their heads when Mary Magdalene informs them that someone has taken Jesus’ body. So they go to the tomb expecting everything to be gone and find the grave-clothes of Jesus on the slab that should have held the body. The evidence did not point to grave robbers, but a miracle.

After three plus years with Jesus they should have known better than to expect anything to be normal. Expect the unexpected should have been their mantra by now. After a full day to mull over the events that transpired they’re led to believe foul play has transpired only to experience the ultimate miracle.

Have you ever come across anybody who’s been mis-informed about Jesus? Sure He was a great man who performed miracles, a great teacher of rules to follow, a friend of sinners. But that’s as far as they go. They haven’t tried to gather all the evidence available. They come to conclusions that aren’t helpful to anybody. So they go along living their lives by the majority rule instead of the golden rule.

That’s where we come in. It’s our job to be a light that shines in the darkness to show people the truth; salt that gives a thirst that can only be quenched by the living water provided by Jesus. Too many people are blindly living their lives on the edge of a cliff with no one exposing the warning to them.

You don’t have to have all the answers to be able to bring someone to Christ. There are some questions that nobody this side of Heaven has the answers to. Just have a good place for them to go to get the answers they seek. Invite them to your church that teaches from the Bible on a regular basis. Perhaps another Christian at work can come along side you to guide another down the narrow path.

Do you live your life in a way that people see a difference in you? Is there a peace about you they wish they had? Or do you live a double life: a sanctimonious smile while in your Sunday morning best and a sour disposition that goes along with the crowd during the rest of the week? I’m not talking perfection here, just a Christ-like attitude that sees the big picture of things in light of eternity, not just the here and now.

Have you taken advantage of the transforming power available to God’s children? The power of Jesus is so transforming, after all it transformed His dead body into a new living one. His resurrected body is a prototype of the one we’ll have when we get to Heaven. That’s one of the main truths people miss by failing to investigate Jesus completely.

The great commission in Matthew 28:19 calls us to make disciples, not merely converts. Do you see the difference? Simply bringing somebody into the family of God is one thing, teaching them the truth in a way that keeps them grounded takes a lot more determined effort.

Start by giving your life completely to Jesus. Let your life be transformed to the point that you stand out as somebody different–somebody to be emulated.

Trust me, people will come to you for the answers if you do that.

I’ll see you later.   Wade


About Wade Webster

I'm a full-time truck driver who's been called to write. As I grow in my writing I pray you grow in your walk with Christ. My life verse is John 3:30: (it's where John the Baptist is talking to his disciples about Jesus) "Jesus must increase, I must decrease." I hope that comes through in my writing. Look for a new post every weekend. Feel free to offer suggestions for topics you would like to see me cover. For a taste of my lighter side visit my humor blog
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