David paced around the sheep as they stirred about. He sat down with his lyre and strummed. No words came to him.

He hung the instrument back on the branch and walked again. “I don’t understand how you can choose me to lead Your people Lord. You know I don’t like being around others as much as I enjoy these sheep. I’m not very patient with stupid people in particular. I don’t see how that will be a good characteristic of a king.

“I hope Saul doesn’t die anytime soon because I’m nowhere near being ready to take his place. I don’t even know how to conduct myself in that setting. Are You sure You know what You’re doing here?”

David stopped and watched two men approaching. The family servant he recognized, not the well-dressed man with him. They came up to him.

The stranger spoke, “There’s a great need of your musical talent at the palace, David. The king has requested your presence immediately.”

David’s eyebrows lowered. “King Saul wants me in the palace?”

“Yes, he has a vexing spirit from God that should be eased by music. Your reputation for exceptional talent is wide-spread. Will you come in service to your king?”

David looked up and took a deep breath. “Of course, I’ll do whatever I can to help God’s anointed.”


As David walked into the king’s chamber he stared at the empty throne at the back wall. A still, small voice spoke to him, “that’s your future.”

Then, his gaze was mesmerized by the full-sized harp to his left. He looked at the king’s servant who led him in. The servant motioned for David to approach the harp.

David studied the artistry built into this fine instrument as he walked around it. “May I…touch it?”

The king’s servant smiled. “I don’t think you understand, David. The king commands you to play it. Consider it yours.”

David’s mouth fell open as he looked at the servant. The servant nodded. David sat on the stool and leaned the harp on his left shoulder. He had only dreamed of this moment, now, it was real. His right hand reached the farthest string as he slowly strummed them all. Each one in perfect tune.

A sweet melody soon echoed off the chamber walls as King Saul stomped into the room followed by two men.

“How much longer must I put up with this incompetence? You people are complete idiots…” He stopped in his tracks as the music caught his ears even though David stopped playing seconds earlier.

Saul looked at David and smiled. The servant walked in front of David and made a circular motion with his hand.

David fought off the desire to run from the room from the mix of awe from being in the king’s presence and the disgust he felt from Saul’s attitude. Then, the still, small voice spoke, again, “play for Me.”

David closed his eyes and continued to produce his heart’s desire to the King.

Saul smiled as he sat on his throne watching David’s hands run their course.

Words soon flowed from David’s mouth as for the first time someone other than the sheep heard what would become the 23rd Psalm:


So, how does God go about preparing a shepherd boy to be the king? Step 1: get him used to being in the throne room of the palace by giving him a task he’s well prepared for.

David’s musical talents served him well as an anti-depressant for Saul’s ailment. This time was beneficial to both men for different reasons. While Saul’s present condition was being attended to David’s future was being conditioned.

Each of us who have taken hold of the promise that Jesus’ death and resurrection are the fulfillment of God’s wrath for sin’s penalty know that we’re being called to a kingdom to rule with Jesus for eternity. We’ve been given certain talents to use to bring others along with us, to help them see this transaction that’s been done for them.

I think sometimes we’re afraid to use these gifts for various reasons. We’re like David as he approached the harp for the first time. We feel we need to ask permission to simply touch the opportunity before us when the King has commanded us to jump in and enjoy it completely.

My writer friends will attest to this fact. Sometimes when we come up with a story idea we  feel the need to ask the question: “May I dabble in this tale?” If your purpose for writing stories is to glorify God, and you feel God gave you this idea, then, not only are you allowed to write that story, but, the King has commanded you to write that story. Now, put your whole heart into crafting the best story you’re capable of.

Others of you have different talents, but, the same dilemma. If you love to sing you may feel guilty if you have a song you must sing. A preacher may have a sermon he desires to present, but, feels he can’t for some reason. An employee may have an idea he/she feels will make work run smoother, but is afraid to tell anyone about it.

Well, my friends, if you sense God’s leading in whatever you’re doing then not only are you allowed to follow that course of action, but, God is commanding you to do so. Now, do it with your whole heart.

David’s time in the throne room as a musician was a limited time, but, it was vital to his preparation. God may be grooming you for greater things than you can even comprehend right now. Trust Him to lead you down the path He has for you. Take it one step at a time and before long you’ll be amazed at where He’s taken you.

When you utilize the gifts He’s given you now, He’ll likely give you more gifts when you need them to fulfill His plan for your life.

Live your life for Him with your whole heart.

I’ll see you later.   Wade


About Wade Webster

I'm a full-time truck driver who's been called to write. As I grow in my writing I pray you grow in your walk with Christ. My life verse is John 3:30: (it's where John the Baptist is talking to his disciples about Jesus) "Jesus must increase, I must decrease." I hope that comes through in my writing. Look for a new post every weekend. Feel free to offer suggestions for topics you would like to see me cover. For a taste of my lighter side visit my humor blog http://www.laughoutloudloveourlord.com
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2 Responses to A MUSICIAN’S CALL

  1. Wow…one of your best “acts of obedience.” Clearly our Lord gave you this story; thank for you your resolve to write it. Please, please keep writing. May your week be blessed and full of inspiration my brother

    • Wade Webster says:

      Thank you very much, Steve.
      While regular people have “Ah-ha” moments, as a writer I have my “Oh Wow” moments. This was one of those instances. God clearly gives inspiration in different ways. I’ve learned that He’ll only give the next one after I use the first one. My hope is that people are touched on a deep level by these offerings.

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